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Rachel Stamp in B.S zine #34

Issue 34 of the UK's finest (and only..) fake-fur covered rock'n'roll zine Bubblegum Slut is out now and includes an in-depth interview with Rachel Stamp's Will Crewdson, conducted just ahead of April's reunion show and covering the gig, the band's history and the recent 'Best Of' release.

Also in this issue you'll find TWO free CDs and 80 pages of :

Adrian Edmondson / The Bad Shepherds
Imelda May
The Only Ones
Ginger Wildheart
MC5's Michael Davis
Acey Slade & Vicky Butterfly’s Leg Revue tour
The Green River Project
Rachel Stamp
Skold vs. KMFDM
To The Bones
The Barbarellatones
Pin-up artist Charlotte Thomson
Eureka Machines

The Rockers' Guide To... Paris - featuring Undercover Slut, Sparkling Bombs, Vanity Case, Blackrain, Prime Sinister, Jim Morrison, Stiv Bators, Skydog Records & The Crazy Horse
Songs From A Wasted Youth - Gary Holton / Heavy Metal Kids
The Backline - Adriana Smith - Axl Rose's Rocket Queen
Lena Quist - the 80s glam inspired designers account of the days leading up to her latest runway show in Malmo
Illegal Rock T-Shirts

This issue’s regular sampler CD includes tracks from ;
The Beat Rats, Borderline Case, Leather Zoo, Jedethan, Violent Divine, Myernark, Electric Wasted, The Eyelashes That Ate Manhattan, Horseman Shakes & The Draymen, My Great Affliction, Kult Ikon, Scutty Neighbours, Bridal Veil, Black-Sookie, Ultraxine, The Barbarellatones & The Phobics.

On your bonus 2nd free CD : 5 tracks from London rockers The Green River Project - see

To Order Your Copy
To order using PayPal please use the Storefront in the ‘about me’ section of our MySpace page – Inclusive of UK postage copies cost £2.40, or £3.10 to European destinations and £4.00 worldwide.
Details of other ordering options can be found in the same place on the MySpace page.

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